This range is rapidly growing and aimed at the modern consumer in an easy-to-use foil tray. This is a review of our main product offerings here.


Sweet Cure Bacon Eye Loin Joints are the premium joint cut from the sweet cured pork eye loin offering the customer an easy to carve low salt and low fat meal.

Our flavours include:

HONEY & MUSTARD  – This joint is glazed with honey and sprinkled with mustard seeds.  Always a popular flavour for bacon, the sweet honey complements the savoury bacon wonderfully.  A family favourite. ENLARGE IMAGE

MIXED PEPPER – This is something a little different with a real bite, the eyeloin is generously coated with mixed peppers and cracked black peppercorn.  The pepper flavour is infused throughout the meat during cooking to create a beautiful flavoursome product. ENLARGE IMAGE


Gammon Joints purchased in an oven ready foil tray make a traditional dinner more accessible for the modern consumer. 

We can add variety in many ways.

WITH A HONEY GLAZE – A very traditional accompaniment to gammon, this honey glazed joint is especially popular at Christmas. ENLARGE IMAGE

WRAPPED IN STREAKY BACON WITH A HONEY GLAZE – This is a very attractive looking product both fresh and cooked.  The crispy streaky bacon adds beautiful flavour to the product. ENLARGE IMAGE


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