For generations, Callan Bacon has been providing retailers in Ireland and the UK with quality products. Choose from our selection below to find out what we can provide for you and your customers.

GAMMON JOINTS – Gammon Joints are our speciality and our production lines have a large capacity to facilitate our customer's needs.  Each of our production lines can produce over 2,500 units per hour of high quality joints.  Callan Bacon provide a full range of fixed and variable joints in a wide variety of cures and natural smokes. See our complete range of gammon joint range here CONTINUE READING

BACON JOINT RANGE – Callan Bacon produce a wide range of bacon joints which are available in a full range of cures. Smoked or unsmoked options at variable or fixed weight are on offer. See our complete range of bacon joint range her eCONTINUE READING

OVEN READY – This range is rapidly growing and aimed at the modern consumer in an easy-to-use foil tray.  See our oven ready range here CONTINUE READING

SLICED BACON – Our sliced bacon is available in a complete range of MAP, Isopack, Darfresh and Vacuum packaging. We offer a wide range of cures and natural smokes. Review our full range of sliced bacon products here CONTINUE READING

PORK – Our extensive range of pork products are also available as basted pork.  Basted Pork is enhanced pork offering the consumer a more succulent and tender product which is easy to cook.  All our pork products are available in an extensive range of flavours, we are very happy to develop new flavour profiles upon request. Read more about our full pork range here (link to relevant page) and see what we can offer your customersCONTINUE READING

FROZEN RANGE – Frozen Range – our newly developed frozen range brings all our experience and expertise from fresh to frozen. Review our full range of Frozen products hereCONTINUE READING

FOODSERVICE RANGE –  We have taken our expertise in retail production and packing and transferred this knowledge and capabilities into a full foodservice range.  CONTINUE READING

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