Our history

Curing Ham and Bacon is an age-old tradition on Irish soil. We cure our Hams and Bacon using Traditional Methods that have been passed down through our family generations. Equippedwith age old recipes and family secrets, we have developed our unique Callan Craft Cure. Thanks to the finest ingredients and time honoured traditions, we present our Craft Cure range, from our family to yours.

The walshe family

Carefully producing quality over three generations.

High-quality food is the foundation of our company's history over three generations. Making food a beautiful and enjoyable family moment is particularly important to us. With our Craft Cure Range, we have gone back in time to deliver the flavour of Ham and Bacon "the way it should taste". We hope your family will enjoy our range of products as much as we do!

Our product range

With our Craft Range, we bring the traditional taste of Ham and Bacon from our Family table to yours. Go back in time and relive the flavours of the past. The unique taste experiences from our range will bring you back to the good old days of great tasting, traditional Ham and Bacon.

Our Craft

ham fillet

Back bacon

Coming soon

Back Bacon

Coming soon


In an oven ready cookbag for your convenience

Traditional Ham and Bacon
Cured by hand using our unique Craft Cure
"The way it should taste"

Important To Us...


We are not just passionate about food we are passionate abour our environment. We must look after it for our future generations. Our planet is brillinat but must be looked after and protected. We have started on our Origin Green journey aimed at ensuring we play our part in protecting the environment.


Our quality promise is brought to you by our Quality Assurance Team. We follow World Class standards to run our factory. Their passion is to ensure only the finest standards of Ham and Bacon reach your family table.


Our People are our future. We know that the only way we can be successful on our journey is with the help of great people. We've been so lucky to find the people we have and it's been a joy to watch them grow. The Future is bright and we are excited to see what they'll bring to you next.

Where To Find Us

Tel: 353-056-772514

Email :info@callanbacon.ie

Adress: Callan Bacon, Westcourt, Cornyeal, Callan, Co.Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland