NPD Introduction

New Product Development

Meeting your customers’ needs through new product development.


New Product Development is at the core of Callan Bacon, our dedicated NPD team of food technologists is led by an experienced chef who works closely with our customers to develop new initiatives. Throughout the food innovation Stage Gate process, from idea generation to product launch, we focus on taste, appearance, presentation, value and functionality in order to meet our customers’ requirements.


We also keep a watchful eye on what is happening generally within the retail & foodservice market.

We look for indications of change and identify new trends so that we can exploit new opportunities. Understanding how consumer’s tastes evolve allows us to continually develop exciting new products for our customers.


We are also firmly focused on building a good understanding of our customers’ requirements so that we always try to achieve and exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe that speed, efficiency and customer support are key on becoming a trusted partner to our various customers. Callan Bacon is a company that can be relied upon to deliver quality products on time every time.


We understand that successful new product development and innovative packaging expertise is vital to our customer’s success and our competitive advantage. We have the knowledge and experience to translate innovative concepts into a competitive consumer offering, and mainstream longevity.


Benefiting from a wealth of product knowledge and production processes our New Product Development team is experienced, innovative in delivering solutions to our customers.


We continually work with our marketing teams, customers and suppliers to evolve product ranges and provide products that satisfy our customer’s needs.

Taste for Quality

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